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A Note from Tom
I developed an early interest in photography thanks to my father who shared his photographic hobby with me in the mid 70's. Our photography business is named in his memory. It is our love and dedication to family that inspires us to help you capture your story and preserve it for generations to come.

Christmas Photography

Christmas Photography

For so many reasons, the Christmas season is my favorite time of year. The time spent with family, the food, the children, the warm and fuzzy smells, the music, the snow. I could go on and on about why Christmas is so special to me. I’m hopeful that you have the same warm and fuzzy memories of Christmas from years gone by as I do.

Our memories alone conjure up so many visuals  from holidays past.  However, it’s the photos that synch the deal for me. When I look at even a single photograph from a Christmas gone by, I am instantly flooded with associated memories of that particular time.  I still have several old-timey black & white snapshots from the mid-60’s. You know, the ones with the white curvy edges, and those Polaroids that you had to smear with the smelly stick?  Ok, if you were born after 1975, you may not remember the smelly Polaroid stick, but trust me – it was smelly.

Thankfully we have come far in the technology of  photography.  Now that we shoot digitally, there is so much more reason to shoot everything.  What other time of the year do we have so many colors, textures, faces of joy, food and other themes to photograph?

181807_10151219317208380_776836730_nSo, let me get to the point – this is the time of year that we have SO much to photograph. Frankly, most folks shoot your typical Christmas morning shots of the little ones opening presents from Santa, a few shots of Grandma and Grandpa still in their pajamas with their eyes half open. You know the routine.  So why not change things up this year and photograph the entire season.

Here are some themes to consider:

68686_10151219638498380_471686042_nColorful decorations, the tree, close-ups of other decorations, the food, the table setting, a bird outside your window, a burning candle, an ornament, a bow on a gift. There are so many possibilities of things to photograph.  These are some of the photos that you will look back on in 20 or 30 or 50 years. They will trigger  other memories and remind you of each holiday of your past and what made it so special.

There is no excuse not to photograph EVERYTHING in sight. You will be so glad you did.  The funny thing about photography is that the photos don’t mean nearly as much now as they will in 30 years from now.  Get back to me in 30 years and tell me if that’s not true.

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