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A Note from Tom
I developed an early interest in photography thanks to my father who shared his photographic hobby with me in the mid 70's. Our photography business is named in his memory. It is our love and dedication to family that inspires us to help you capture your story and preserve it for generations to come.

I Love shooting Stock!

I Love shooting Stock!

I decided the website needed some freshening up today.  While I was going through the archives to decide what new photos to post, I was reminded how much I love shooting Stock images. Stock are the photos that could potentially be used for just about any purpose. Advertising, Calendars, Magazines, and of course the Internet are all places that Stock photos would appear. I say “would” appear because I have yet to sell any. The trick to selling Stock photos is having thousands to choose from (I’m working on that.)  Once I feel my collection is ready, I will contact a “rep” (someone who does the leg work selling the images to various companies) and let them do with my collection what they will.

DSC_1451Why do I love shooting Stock? Because it allows me to shoot whatever strikes my fancy. The more unusual the better. I constantly look for things that capture my attention, whether it’s an old rusty truck, or something tasty to eat.  If it has an unusual texture, a vibrant color, or is a scene that I know I’ll never see again, I must capture it….and now.  Joy will attest to the fact that we’ve left many a skid mark in the highway in attempt to turn the Acadia around to get “That” shot.

It took me quite a few years to develop a keen sense of seeing things around me in a new fresh way.  As an example – Have you recently gone for a walk in a familiar area…a place  you drive by every day?  It seems when you are walking, you see things, you notice things that you take for granted when you just drive by them.  It really pays to take a walk and “See things differently.”

Seeing things differently is really quite simple. Just slow down and really look around wherever you are.  Look at the light. Is it harsh or is it soft? If it’s raining, don’t look at the rain – look at what’s in the reflection of the puddles.  That’s probably more interesting.  What are the colors around you?  Is what you’re looking at old or new? Does it tell a story? Or, does it make you wonder something?

One of the most important things I ever learned in my Photography education is the three steps to making great  (or at least better) photos.

  1. Determine your subject.
  2. Make the subject the focus of your shot.
  3. Eliminate all distractions. (phone poles, too much sky, etc.)

Pretty simple really.  It’s just a matter of keeping it simple.  Sadly, most folks just point and shoot and get what they get.  It only takes an extra second of “re-framing” to make the shot 100% better.  Determine what story you are trying to tell and “sell it.”

If you’re interested in taking better images, I would love to sit down over coffee and share whatever I can. I’ll bet we could sit right there and come up with at least 5 really good Stock images.

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