Apple Sauce

Who can pass up a serving of apple sauce – chilled to the core (pun. yep. intended.) As a kid I would endulge in several servings and still crave more. I suppose that’s because kids like so few foods that resemble anything healthy, there wasn’t much guilt. I don’t think unsweetened was a thing back then. That explains why I craved more I suppose.

This was a spontanious kitchen shoot. I was in the fridge scouting for something else, (who knows what), and I spotted this red shiny globe of goodness. This calls for a photo shoot. So, how was I going to show off this apple. Then it hit me….no, not the apple. It occurred to me that apple sauce would be a great subject. Like all food photos, every object must be placed precisly in its spot, even though that spot changes about a hundred times before the shoot is over. The spoon is too close…no, the spoon is too far away. Too many peelings, More peelings. I know this is every food photographer’s experience but that’s the enjoyment for me. It’s like putting together a puzzle, except I get to eat the pieces when I’m done. 

When all was placed and things were right where I wanted them, I snapped off several shots and put my equipment away (yes, these seemingly simple photos take quite a bit of set up.) Then I went into the office to begin editing, but something was off. The apple sauce just sat there. I’ve got it!! It needs moisture. That’s it. Moisture. Now I love photography, but the last thing I wanted to do at this moment was to drag my sh*t back into the kitchen and re-light the apple scene. In fact, I no longer had an apple scene. It was cleaned up, (so was the apple sauce…yum.) So, I did what most photographers do…I Photoshoped some water drops onto the outside of the dish. Ah, those crazy details. The spoon still could have been closer to the sauce. Dang it! I forgot the cinnamon!


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