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 We’re not just taking photos anymore…

Archibald Studios Media is now a full-service production house located in Saint Anthony, Minnesota, just Northeast of Downtown Minneapolis. During the past several years, Archibald Studios has created quality photography for a variety of both individual and commercial clients.  Now at its 15-year mark, the company is offering two new services, Voice-overs and Video Production making them stand out with this unique blend of services. 

The studio began in 2006 focusing on Portraiture (Pun intended.) During 2020 business was slow, actually non-existent for obvious reasons. Despite a year of turmoil, the decision was made to branch out and take a leap of faith to offer something new and fresh. These new offerings are sure to expand the client base with companies large and small.

We serve a variety of clients… 


All businesses large and small have a story to tell. There’s no better way to tell that story than with professional photography or a video. The creation of each commercial or promotional shoot begins with a story. And who better to tell the story than the owner, founder, artist, or business leader. That’s where  Archibald Studios Media comes into play.  We begin by listening, making notes of what exactly makes your story unique.  The production process begins from there resulting in a professionally produced video or photography that captures the attention of the viewer. Through the telling of your story, customers learn not only who you are, but what you are about.  Your story is what your customers want to know, and that’s what they’ll remember.


Advertising Agencies are always looking to find the best ways to help their clients promote their business,  Because Archibald Studios Media is a one-stop content creator, the three services offered are a perfect mix for Advertising Agencies. 


I also work with production houses and media companies. Typically these companies would use voice-over services. Not only providing a new voice-over option to their pool of resources but there are times when these companies could be helpful by providing their services in return.


Spending over 30 years in Radio and Television production, I know just what broadcasters expect in regards to voice-overs for ads, tags, or promotional material. I spent many long hours in the studio creating, writing, voicing, and editing (with a razor blade), plenty of “ads, tags, and promotional material” (Anheuser-Busch, Saint Louis, Missouri.) 



With experience as a Photographer, Broadcaster, and Actor,  consulting services are always worth considering.  interaction with clients to help them find the most creative ways to promote their businesses. As a photographer, providing advice on what photos would be most effective in the client’s marketing campaign.  Consulting services can also help clients decide on which types of Media will help them best fulfill their Marketing goals.


Archibald Studios Media teaches Photography classes to all ages. The sessions are down-to-earth, informative, visually appealing. and FUN. Interaction as a group is always a helpful experience too.  Four areas of photography are offered. Intro to Photography, Portraiture, Commercial Photography (products, food, people), and Landscape/Scenic.  Each session can last between 60 to 90 minutes. Participants are encouraged to bring their cameras. (preferably DSLR or Mirrorless. but any camera is better than none.) Book individual classes or all four. Call the studio for more info. 612-207-3346

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