Personal Branding – Part Two

Personal Branding - Part Two

Whether you’re a small business owner, a freelancer, a blogger, or an Instagram influencer, having a uniquely recognizable personal brand is crucial. Your personal brand is what sets you apart from all the rest in an environment that’s more competitive than ever. It’s how you can instantly communicate your experience, skills, and personality to your potential clients and audience.

A personal branding photography session will help you put your best face forward, tell your story, and solidify your brand.

Get ready to level up your personal brand!

Our mission is to provide you with photos that convey who you are; showcase the professional skills, talents, and value you have to offer; and help you stand out from your competition. Here’s how we’ll do that:


After you’ve gone through our portfolio and decided you like what you see, set up a free phone or in-person consultation with us. We’ll get to know you better, ask you questions about your story and brand, figure out how we can best serve you, and suggest a customized photo package to best fit your needs. You’ll also have the chance to ask any additional questions you may have.


Next, we’ll schedule your photoshoot. We’ll choose a location that allows you to express yourself and look fabulous at the same time. We’ll also recommend trusted hair and makeup artists we’ve worked with in the past to help you look and feel your best. Depending on the photography package you choose, we may shoot at multiple locations or have a few outfit changes. We’ll make sure you get plenty of shots you love that perfectly represent you and your brand.

Not sure of what to wear? That’s okay! Bring 5-6 outfit options on the day of the shoot so you have plenty to choose from. (We’ll even help you decide!) You’ll probably only wind up wearing 2 or 3, but it’s always good to have options!


If you’re typically a little camera-shy, don’t worry. We’ll show you how to pose and we will direct you while you’re in front of the camera. We’ll help you feel comfortable so your natural beauty and personality shine through.


Within a couple of weeks of your photoshoot, we’ll deliver your online gallery for you to select your favorites. The number of images you receive will depend on which package you have selected.  After the editing of those images is complete, we’ll deliver your final hi-resolution digital files. Then, all that’s left for you to do is share them (and your brand) with the world!


When it comes to building your personal brand, personality is everything. Your personal brand is all about what makes you uniquely you, from your look to your skills to your interests to your background. Here are a few tools you can use to make sure the real you shines through in your photos!


Strong visuals are so important when establishing your personal brand. Consider the styles and colors you’ve already implemented in your website and logo. Then, choose outfits and locations that will go along with that. Are you a creative, fun-loving graphic designer with a hint of whimsy? Consider implementing bright, contrasting colors throughout your photoshoot. Do you want your brand to come across as more sophisticated, professional, and modern? Consider a sleek monochromatic color palette. Then, make sure your clothing and makeup choices reflect that at your shoot.


Your audience isn’t just interested in what you can do. They’re interested in who you are. They want to work with a confident, interesting person who’s easy to work with and knows who he or she is. They want to hire someone who offers something a little different than everyone else. Take some time to write down the story of who you are and what you bring to the table. As your photographer, we’ll want to know your story in advance so we can collaborate to achieve your vision.


Once you’ve thought about how you want your personal brand photos to turn out, express your thoughts! Tell us all about your vision during your consultation. Don’t be afraid to bounce ideas off of us. We’ll collaborate creatively with you to make sure your photos turn out even better than you imagined.


As Forbes puts it, “Whether you know it or not, you have a personal brand.” In this highly digital, competitive day and age, how you come across to people matters. Building a personal brand is all about controlling the conversation — intentionally crafting a persona that’s true to you and puts you in the very best light. So, here’s who can benefit from a personal brand photoshoot:


Having a thoughtful, solidified brand is valuable to any working professional. Your personal brand is what sets you apart from the competition. Having professional yet approachable personal brand photos on your website, social media, and business cards will help other people remember you and get to know you.


If you own your own business or are self-employed, having a distinct personal brand is everything. It’ll help potential clients connect with you instantly. After all, people don’t want to work with faceless companies — they want to work with friendly, trustworthy, real people.


A personal branding photoshoot is a great way to build a bank of like-worthy new content for your social media feed, blog, or email newsletters. It’ll also help you connect with your audience on a more personal level.


Once your personal brand photoshoot is over, it’s all about using your gorgeous new photos to your advantage. If you use them right, you’ll be able to turn those photos into a larger audience, new clients, and more sales. Here are some of the best ways to use your photos to really get your money’s worth:


Once you’ve received the digital files from your session, use them to give your website a facelift. They’ll help anyone who visits your site connect with you and feel like they know you a little better. After all, people want to work with people they trust and feel a personal connection with.


Share your photos on social media to grow your audience and keep the likes and engagement rolling in. You’ll get a lot of great photos back from your photoshoot, so use that as an opportunity to post more content more often. Also, personal brand photos make great profile pictures! It’s important to update your profile photos and keep them looking fresh.


Think beyond the screen! Put together printed brochures using your personal brand photos. Then, leave them in local businesses, bring them to in-person client meetings, and keep a few handy in case you ever run into a potential client. (You can always post the downloadable file on your website, too!)


Who says business cards have to be boring? Choose one of your best personal brand photos to feature on your business card. It’ll help you really stand out. Plus, it’ll help your new contacts always be able to put a face to your name!

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