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RECently named a Top Animation Company in Minneapolis by UpCity.

Everybody else uses video....Do you?

As one of the more creative video production studios in Minneapolis, I can help you share your story. I have experience creating eye-catching videos,  Motion graphics, Explainer videos, and even Doodle style animated videos. With over 20 years of experience in television, I’ve gained skills in shooting, lighting, audio, copywriting, editing, and even product placement. Everything needed to tell your story and showcase your brand complete with music and voice-over (if needed.) We are a full-service video production studio serving Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

Whether you want to make a YouTube video, or a larger project such as training videos, real estate, industrial training, advertising, documentary, or a music video, let’s get started telling your story.

You want a professional video that tells your customers WHO you are and WHY you’re important to them.   Call me today and I’ll get started on your production.

you Need Video - Here's why...
  • Gives your company & product credibility

  • Shows viewers that you mean business

  • Clarifies your marketing message 

  • Establishes, Markets, and Sells your message or product

  • Attracts new customers

  • Educates and Informs your customer

  • Compliments existing branding

  • Reassures existing or previous customers

I’ve worked with Tom many times over the years, but recently needed an interview and some b roll with a Minneapolis educator and ministry leader for a project for United Methodist Communications. Tom made it easy and the footage looks great. Next time I need video or photos with someone in the Twin Cities, I’ll call on Tom! - 5 Stars!
Stacey Hagewood
Managing Writer/Producer · United Methodist Communications - Nashville, TN
RECENT Video Clients
  • Marvin Windows & Doors

  • Saint Thomas University

  • United Methodist Communications

  • New York by Design (MWC Productions US, Inc.)

  • Duplex Rental showcase

New York by Design Logo
Recent work: New york By design - architecture

Watch Episode #5 

Archibald Studios Media was recently hired to shoot some interview portions for both Episode 5 and the Season Finale, Episode 6. Both can be  played directly from here.

I would like to thank the Marketing staff at Marvin Windows & Doors, and MWC Productions, US, Inc. for their kindness during my recent shoot at Marvin Windows with Christine Marvin, Chief Marketing & Experience Officer.

Archibald Studios Media – BTS with Marvin Windows & Doors, Christine Marvin, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer.

Voice-overs for business are done with this professional quailty microphone., e-learning, commercial, radio, tv
full-service video production
  • Canon EOS R5 with full-frame 45MP
  • Green Screen
  • 4K Resolution (optional)
  • Graphics, Animation, and Motion Graphics
  • Doodle Style Animation Videos
  • 3D (Pixar Style) Animations
  • Copywriting & Script Development
  • Location Scouting
  • Casting
  • Hair & Make-up Available
  • Props
  • Full Video editing suite using Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Professional Audio Studio using Adobe Audition
  • From Concept to Completion – I’ve got this.
a green screen studio set up

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I found a box of old 8mm films that I had never seen.  Turns out they were old family movies from the early ’60s. Since I had never seen them, I figured my sisters hadn’t either. I opened my editing software and went to work. This would be the perfect Christmas surprise. Even more poignant is the fact that we lost both mom and dad in recent years. 

I knew I wanted to use music that was important to dad. He was a big Jim Croce fan, so I knew the perfect song. The second piece of music I chose because it’s just a great song, and the perfect tune to make sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. I love how music and video worked together to pack an emotional punch.

The final drone shot was from our family reunion. I had not shared the footage with anyone yet, but it seemed to make for perfect ending.

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Not many people know that Charlie Chaplin wrote the song “Smile”. I couldn’t think of a more perfect song to accompany my daughter’s Chaplin photo shoot. This was shot in the lobby of Northrop Auditorium at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis just days before the building was closed for a 3.5 year renovation. This lobby was preserved just as you see it.

Lily had never worn make-up (she was only 3), and we knew she did not like hats.  So this party could be over fast. This whole venture was a crapshoot. All that said, she did really really well. But when she was done, she was done! She turned around and began walking away from us. After about 10 feet she dropped her hat and just kept walking. It’s these little moments that too often don’t have a camera near. I happen to have one in my hand and just kept shooting. That turned out to be one of the best photoshoots ever.

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There’s only one Santa. We’ve been visiting him annually for 12 years. This past year 2020  was the only year missed. Santa Sid is always so joyful to see Lily each year. Of course each year mom would assemble the perfect character for Lily to surprise Santa with.  One year a there was  “Dash” through Macy’s to meet Santa. The lady at the make-up counter agreed to do Lily’s Tin Soldier make-up which was that perfect touch.

He IS the real Santa. We have even become Facebook friends. Now we can say “WE KNOW HIM”. When I see SID (Santa In Disguise)  outside of his working hours, he’s the happiest character you would ever hope to meet. (added note: Sid recently announced his retirement from the mall, but can be seen in other areas around Minneapilis. 


MY Equipment

I use the latest equipment including the Canon EOS R5 with full-frame 45MP perfection. The Canon EOS R5 currently exceeds the capabilities of its competitors allowing up to 8k high-resolution files. Add to that, two of the best lenses currently on the market; the Canon RF 24-70mm f/2.8 and the Canon RF 70-200mm f/2.8.  I know how to use the right tools to capture your story.

a green screen studio set up

I recently upgraded my lighting with the addition two Genaray Spectro LED 500IIB Bi-Color LED Lights as well as a Godox V1 Speedlight. Also new to the family is the Zhiyun Crane-2S 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer making camera shots smooth as butter.

In the editing suite, I use Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Audition. Everything  needed to create high-quality video files. Your video worries are over.

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I'm almost certain that the right click on the mouse was accidental. If you would like to use one of the photos here, just give me a call, or send me a message. We're still friends...right?