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Here is an overview of the services I provide:

Commercial Photography – 

This really encompasses many styles of photography. My degrees are in Portraiture. I’m also a Foodie, so I not only love to cook, but I like to photograph what I cook. It allows be to combine two loves into one.

Commercial Photography allows me to share what I do with others. After all, photography is storytelling, only with photos. Those that know me “get it” when I say that I love to tell stories. So, I do it with a camera. I’ll take a photo of just about anything. I’ve done quite a bit of editing to get this portfolio down to a reasonable size. As you will see, it includes Food, Real Estate, Lifestyle Photography, Portraiture. Branding, and Still-life. It’s an odd mix of images, but I love every 1/125th of a second of it…(Commercial Portfolio & Food Portfolio.)

Portrait Photography –

There’s nothing more interesting than us humans. We start as babies, and if we’re lucky, we end up as old-people. What’s really cool is getting to capture and preserve people at these different points in their lives and preserve them for future generations. Every time I look up at my living room wall and see my Great Grandparents Thomas & Effie Archibald, I really wish I knew more about them. What were they like? What hobbies did they have? Did they have pets? I’ll never know some of these things. But I do know that I have the coolest job on the planet capturing todays stories for the Grandkids and even the Great Grandkids of the future. I truly treasure my little Canon time machine that allows me to do this. (Portrait Portfolio) (More about Portrait Sessions and what to expect)

Video Production –

I started my very first job at the age of 15 at the local TV Station in Bend, Oregon. I was in heaven! I stood behind a camera every evening between 5 & 6pm. I eventually moved onto Radio Broadcasting (yes, backwards I know), After ten years of radio moved across the country and went back into television. Isn’t video another form of storytelling?…I thought so. (Video Production Services)

Photography Classes –

I think I mentioned before that I love to share.  This is the sharing part. (Photography Classes) Choose from Five different photography styles. These one-hour classes can be taught on Zoom, or in-person. $45 per person, per class.

Photo Repair and Restoration –

What I was saying about the wonder of sharing photos between generations make this service something beyond just a service. I LOVE repairing and restoring vintage photos. I figured I have the Photoshop experience, the tools, the love of Genealogy, and as it turns out, a passion repairing old photos. Check out these before and after examples.

 Voice Acting –

All those years in radio (…and theater), might be worth more that that old box of cassette tapes in the garage. (Voiceover website – www.Minneapolis-Voice.com)

Tom Archibald is a Minnesota based Photographer serving the Twin Cities of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding suburbs since 2006.His portfolio includes Commercial, Portraiture, Food, and Lifestyle photography.

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