Why Use Professional Photography?

Why USE Professional Photography?

It’s a story repeated over and over on the internet.  A company invests an enormous amount of time and money in an online marketing campaign – a new logo, social media, and email marketing, print materials, and a brand new mobile-friendly website.   Hours upon hours are spent poring over colors, branding, fonts, and writing copy.  However, there is one critical element of marketing that is often overlooked …. photography.

In a visual medium where your customer’s attention span is counted in mere seconds, it is vital to communicate your message quickly, accurately, and with maximum impact.   Your website, marketing materials, and social media presence are today’s equivalent of the store displays of the past.  A page full of text, or small, low-quality graphics will not attract the attention or interest of your customers.

So what about stock photography?  While stock photography is an excellent choice for some purposes, proceed with caution.   Some stock photography, especially those with “too perfect” generic posing, can be an inaccurate representation of your brand.

A professional photographer will come to you and capture the essence of your unique business with photos of your location, products, and staff in a variety of realistic situations.  This creates authenticity and establishes trust and confidence with your customers. As a business owner, would you dream of making your own signage. I doubt it, unless you happen to have the proper equipment and the years of training to make an effective sign. You should be giving the same attention to your company’s brand.

That’s another point worth a mention. Branding. A professional photographer has the training and education required to give a cohesive look and feel to your photos. They’ll be captured in a similar style. They will be planned in advance. They will have professional lighting. Knowing how to light your subject is a large part of the equation. Do you know how to set up the proper lighting? Do you have the lighting equipment? Do you know where to place the shadows, the highlights? This is the kind of stuff that professional photographers dream about at night. Sometimes it even keeps them up. Professional photographers have been educated and are very knowledgable about their craft. Hire them, trust them, and hope that your competitors don’t hire them first.


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